Sep 6, 2012

Happy 2 B Me Bucket

Hello! I hope you are all having a GREAT THURSDAY! I know that I am! Why???? Well, I am the Featured Designer for 3 Girl Jam, isn't that enough to make any girl smile?? LOL... As I am typing this post the perfect song came on the radio.... fitting this cute little project of mine to a "T" can you guess the song??? Ok a hint.... a movie was made and the title to the movie is the same as the movie??? If you guessed "My Girl" then you hit it right on the Money!!! I love this song.... it makes me happy.

Ok enough about me let's get down to business.... you want to see the project that I created right? Ok... Ok... we are getting to that part.  I was inspired to make this cute bucket for my daughter.  She is just so happy to be her that it put a smile on my face when I came across these stickers.  But I have to say this project would not be complete if it didn't have any 3 Girl Jam Crinkle ribbon.  It gives this project the finishing touch don't you think???? check it out..

Things to create this project:
small green bucket with handle

Baby Girl
Baby Boy
Cherry Lipstick
Antique White
Witches Brew
Goblin Green 

Pattern Paper
Sticker sheet
Hole Punch

You know you want to pick up some of this fabulous crinkle ribbon and more at the 3 Girl Jam store.... what are you waiting for??? Ok leave some bloggie love and then go to this fabulous store and check it out!!! 

{love love}


  1. This is awesome!!! Love the colors and love the ribbon!! FAB project Madge!!

  2. Oh this is just so adorable! I love that song "My Girl" too. I used to sing it to my daughter (now 32) when she was little. I love your project!



  3. This is just STINKIN' cute! I just know your daughter is going to be delighted. And when I think of my daughter, I always start humming Pink's song, "Perfect".

  4. Sweeet bucket!! Love the way her name is spelled!!

    Precious Hugs