Apr 19, 2013

Happy Birthday

Rebecca here, reporting from a warming East Coast Springtime!

So Lovin' this weather change.  Wanted it.  This warmth. And needed the glow of the sun for some much needed needed rejuvenation.

Oh and the natural vitamin D3 doesn't hurt, eh?

Okay, so enough of my bliss on the weather change.

Today's project is all about celebrating those moments (for the YOUNG, mind you).

Yes, delightful CRINKLE RIBBON in such a wonderful pink color.

I mean, really, raise your hand if you'd like folks to forget yours.  Okay, we all know that while we keep aging, we really DO like it when someone remembers....we just hope they don't remember our age. 


A bit of my old time and NEW time

EXCITEMENT...For someone else that surpasses ME in YEARS!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, Rebecca! I love those little candles on this. And, of course, the ribbon!