Jan 12, 2013

Love all Around

Good Saturday morning everyone!  It's Rebecca here, serving up a little bit of inspiration with your coffee (or if you're looking at this past midnight on Friday, well, then, maybe I'm serving it up with a martini!)  Either way, I hope you like what you see.
Also, I hope that you are coming here, taking a break from all those New Year's resolutions you made...or all those goals and plans to declutter your house (or your liver!)
So, I put together a simple and quick card that I think anyone but a manly man would appreciate!  What do you think?  And did you notice the button?
Do you like the new buttons that 3GirlJam has available in their shop?  I do.  They are delightful.  And what's even more delightful is that they are currently on sale!
Ok, there you have it.  Your break from all that pressure to start the new year with a blast of efficiency and goals!
Back to your task at hand -- and it better include making something AWESOME!