Apr 28, 2015

Not so...Red, White, & Blue

Hi Creative Peeps!  Today I decided to use crinkle ribbon from 3 Girl JAM's 
But...nothing patriotic or summery!

I also wanted to create something using a fancy fold..but quickly.  I love this "piano hinge fold," as I like to call it.  After scoring your card as usual, make another score line on the top of the card front...about an inch down.  

Use 3Girl JAM's crinkle ribbon...or jute string...to bind your card together. Punch 2 holes through your card in this top area...then thread your desired ribbon through. Finish it off with a bow...or a knot!

A dainty fox is so happy with her splash of red crinkle ribbon!
It plays well with the red washi tape!

Here is a piano hinge fold on the side, instead of the top.  
How do you like red, white, & blue..and a bit of pink! 
A nice change from summer and patriotism, don't you think!

Thanks so much for stopping in and checking out
the 3 Girl JAM blog today.  For more inspiration,
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  1. Great technique! I need to try that. Thanks for the tip. And, of course, I love the ribbon!

  2. I love these cards, love how you have them folded.

  3. Wow such awesome cards!! Love them!