Jun 23, 2014

Quick Mini Journal

Good morning everyone.  This is Cheri from DJ's Sundries and I hope you are having a great day.  I also really hope that you aren't sick of seeing altered notebooks from me.  There is actually a little story behind this one.  I have been a bit swamped lately and running behind in projects that I need to get done.  Friday morning for the real world was actually "Monday" for me.  It was day 1 of 3 days of 12+ hour shifts.  My plan was to come home Friday night and get the project for today made and posted.  I had a general plan on what I was going to make until I made it home that night.

I have been shadowed by a nursing student during 6 of my last 9 shifts.  She is a great student and I think she will make a fabulous nurse.  She is very organized and always has a little spiral notebook for her notes.  On Friday I realized that she didn't have her notebook and we were using notebook and scrap paper all day for her notes.  When I asked about it, she mentioned that she had forgotten it at home.  When she spends her shifts in my town, she doesn't go home, but stays here.  I knew I had to switch up my original posting plans and make her a little book.  She loved it so I was really glad it worked out that way.

Though you can barely see it, I used gorgeous "Aqua Splash" ribbon to cover the binding.

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Thanks for stopping by today.  Remember to take some time to enjoy the little things.


  1. What a thoughtful and wonderful gift! Fun!

  2. I never tired of altered notebooks, Cheri! This is such a fun note pad. Aqua splash is one of my favorite colors too...bring on more note pads!