Nov 2, 2014

Funky bracelet by Marji

Today, I am sharing an "out of the box" project.
I got this crazy idea to make a ribbon bracelet.  
I found these jewelry pieces on clearance, picked my top 3 favorite colors and went to work.

I used  jump rings to attach the findings to the ribbons, it held up at work ( nursery with 2month-10 month old babies), the babies loved playing with the pieces, I was worried about snagging them on clothes or while picking the kids up and such.  If I wear it on my left arm it gives them something to look at while I change their diapers, much better than hands all over yucky places.

I am really proud of this project.  Attaching it to a clasp was the hardest part, I finally decided on this type of clasp. I love that it matched so well.  Complete luck there.

Image of Caribbean SplashImage of Wine & Jewels BundleImage of Celebrations Bundle
You can shop all the Crinkle ribbon here, above are the bundles I picked from, one from each bundle.


  1. Your creations are so fun, Marji! Love this "out of the box" bracelet you came up with. The ribbons and the charms are just fantastic!

  2. You rocked it, Marji! Awesome idea!