Jan 9, 2014

Winter Cheer for a Happy New Year

Hello, good friends! Julie O here today from Muddy Paws & Inky Fingers.  I'm pleased to be starting my second term for 3 Girl JAM today.  I love this team and working for Julie.  Crinkle ribbon is so versatile and FUN!  Plus, I enjoy the Flair buttons, jute, and muslin bags in the 3 Girl JAM store.
I remember almost a year ago when I first started on the 3 Girl JAM design team.  I was so scared!  I thought Julie had made a big mistake and she'd realize I was a fraud and kick me off.  I couldn't even tie a bow, for goodness sake! Thank goodness she had faith in me, because I've had soooooo much fun on this team and made some great friendships besides.
Oh? Am I supposed to post an inspirational project?  Well, let's get to it!
This little snowman, surrounded by 3 Girl JAM crinkle ribbon from the Hot & Cold Bundle, is bringing you Happy New Year's wishes.
Do you need some of this fantastic crinkle ribbon for yourself? Or those Flair buttons?  Maybe some vintage buttons?  Use coupon code JO10 to get 10% off of your order!  Woohoo! Get shopping!
For more details about this card, and to see what else I'm working on, please visit my blog
I'm so excited to be starting another 6 months with this fabulous 3 Girl JAM team!


  1. You FRAUD….NEVER…love this card, Julie O…I'm sure Julie K Bling has never regretted having you on her team. You're full of spunk and inspiration lady!

  2. Great card! Happy New Year - happy style!

  3. Absolutely adorable! The snowman is so stinken cute and love the way you tucked the ribbon in!
    Sherrie K