Feb 22, 2013

In Pink

Hi, Rebecca from Bloomingpink Studios here on this wonderful Friday morn to show you this little lush of a message I put in my husband's briefcase this morning.

Saucey, yes?  Well, maybe a little....


I decided that livin' in suburbia, in my mid years with grown kids and all my youthful risk far behind me....

....well, let's just say...I thought little somethin' somethin' to spice up a relationship now and then might be sort of fun?

HA.  I won't tell you if it worked, but it was sure fun to make anyway.

This card is what is sometimes referred to as a hybrid card.  It includes print product (I created and printed), stamping and embellishments!

Those nails...by the way...


Never was able to fashion anything that grand.

Anyway, you see the fabulous ribbon, and you know where to get it!

And you know it's fabulous!

Alrighty, then, I gotta go paint the town (and my nails) Pink.

Have yourself a WONDERFUL weekend...and remember

Make Something Beautiful

and share it with us on the Challenge blog!
Anything with a ribbon and you're golden!

(but tonight...I'm donned in Pink!)


  1. Very BEAUTIFUL!!
    Have a Fabulous Weekend,

  2. Love this, Bek. Hope you had a saucy eve when hubby got home!