Sep 15, 2012

Happy Bird-Day

Hi Everyone!
Rebecca here today, from Seattle!
Why Seattle?  CUZ....that is where I am...I am on VACATION!


That's right, I'm on vacation, but had to stop by and show you a little of what I was up to before I left.

I created this simple and elegant card for my mom's birthday.  I had to get this done before I left and that meant I had to keep it quick, but sophisticated. I don't know why I say I had to make it quick cuz I was going on vacation....It seems that time is speeding ahead at such a pace that I am always two dollars short!
I suspect I'm not alone, yes?

You will notice I used the crinkle ribbon, Sunflower, from the Harvest Bundle.  It is one of my FAVORITE yellows...not too bright, but not dull.  Just right.  And the nice color yellow will ease me right into the autumn season.  So, from here until next Spring, no more light blue flowers and springtime sprigs!

Well, that's it for me.  I'm going on the prowl for Cougars and Bears! Here, kitty kitty!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. Beautiful card. I love the colors you used and the little pearls.

    Cheri - DT Sister

  2. What a beautiful card! Sunflower crinkle ribbon is one of my favorite colors!!!!
    Awesome job!!

  3. Beautiful card the colors you chose & especially how the Sunflower crinkle ribbon pops off the card...great job!!!