Dec 3, 2014

Hi with 3 Girl JAM

Hi Friends! Abby here with ScrappinAbby and today I'm sharing a card I made for a friend of mine. Although it is December, this isn't a holiday themed card but I'm confident my friend will love this none the less : )

 I also have a short video to share with you that shows the card up close along with the 3GJ Crinkle Ribbons I used....

I pulled from 3 different 3GJ Crinkle Ribbon bundles for this one...

LG Bundle (Grey Gray) 
Spooky Bundle (Goblin Green)
Spring Flowers Bundle (Daffodil)

I can't wait to get this card in the mail and off to my friend. Love how you can pull from so many different crinkle ribbon bundles and create a fun, quick and easy card. 

Thanks for stopping by the 3GJ blog today and for checking out another ScrappinAbby project. Be sure to check back on December 17th, I'm going to have a really cool Christmas project to share with all of you that you can make last minute if you find yourself scrambling for another Christmas gift. 

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Really beautiful, Abby! I know your friend will love this so much.