Oct 1, 2014

DIY Halloween Banner

Hi Friends!!! It's me Scrappin Madge and it is October 1st can you even believe your eyes??? EEk!!! Time to get out your Spell book, potions and your cauldron!!! Open up your Spell book to page No.1031 and you will see DIY Trick or Treat Banner.  Head on over to my blog to see what potions and ingredients you are going to need to create this fun banner. If you cast your spell like I did,
this is how your Trick or Treat Spell Banner will turn out!!!
Here are some of the pics in steps..
Be sure to shop over at 3 Girl JAM and get your crinkle ribbon today!!! You will love every color and you will have to get all of the fabulous colors!!! (HEE HEE I have them all and love each and every color).


  1. It's definitely time to get the Spells and Potions book dusted off and cobwebs removed. This is delightful!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is too spookin' cute!! You've nudged me in the direction of the attic to drag out my Halloween decorations. This is SUPER my friend!!