Oct 18, 2012

Thank You Card

Hey.... Hey my favorite crafters!! Scrappin Madge here and I am excited to show you this "Thank You" card.  Have any of you found that we (as crafters) make cards all of the time but NEVER send them out???? LoL we have it so easy now days just jumping on the computer and sending out a quick email.... or sitting down and looking at Facebook when a box pops up to remind us of someones birthday, so we quickly send them a message on there timeline.  Well, I am guilty as charged folks.... I need to do better. And as I made this card I thought you know it would sure make someone smile if i took the extra time and sent this card "Snail Mail" I know when i get cards in the mail it melts my heart that that person thought of me.  So not only is this a post this is a challenge to you to send just one of the cards you have in your stash.

Ok so enough with the Blah Blah Blah..... {Hee Hee}

I made it using Antique White Crinkle ribbon, and the new burlap that is available now.  Check out the 3 Girl Jam store here.  I used a butterfly embellishment on top of the butterfly that is on the paper to give it some dimension, added the three white paper flowers.

Well... I hope that you liked my card.

{Loves} Madge


  1. Madge!!
    First-- I love your name:). Secondly-- you do such a super great job on your projects:). This card has so many different elements on it that make this card such a gift to receive!!! So true-- for the longest I didn't send any of my cards-- now-- I'm at about 50/50-- getting there right?? By grace:). Thank you for sharing and be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure

  2. Way cute card Madge! And what a great reminder that the art of old fahioned letter writing is almost a thing of the past! We must not let it! lol! So now I am off to send off some of my stash and hopefully make someones day! Great work, thanks for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful card. TFS.
    Guilty as charged and how did you know? lol
    I am the worst card sender and you'd think we'd be the best.
    Its not like we don't have any on hand. lol.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    I accept your challenge and will send two.
    dmcardmaker (at AOL)