Apr 18, 2014

Guest Designer: Shannon Morgan

Hi There!  Karen N from Craftily Yours giving an introduction to a super fantastic guest designer, Shannon Morgan.  I've watched Shannon's work for some time now, and this girl does some Ah-Mazing layouts!  This one is scrumptious.  Check out Shannon!


Shannon Morgan here from Designs of a Paddymack. I'm a Great Lakes NerdGirl living in the South. I try to make the best of this even though I dearly miss actual seasons. I am a stay at home mom, and I have a great husband, Karl, who works really hard for me to be able to do so. I sacrifice my sanity caring for Patrick, my son, who is regularly deemed Mini-Belushi and Mackenzie, my daughter, who isn’t afraid to point out my dark under eye circles and if my hair looks bad. All in all they are wonderful children, who I love without limit. Rounding out the family in my house, are Cinna and Meg, two crazy Rhodesian Ridgebacks that make each day good. All of the mentioned above provides daily inspiration in my creative journey in this world. I have been scrapbooking in some form or fashion since Patrick’s birth. I spend a lot of time taking pictures of everyday things and documenting them. My children have grown used to me taking pictures of them constantly and in random places. I am a bit mist and doodling obsessed. I like to add dimension to her pages. Other likes and/or obsessions are: caffeine, owls, foxes, music, tattoos, cartoons, Bill Murray, the color mint, the color robin egg blue, polka dots and reading. I have been blessed with great support and opportunities in this industry, and everyday that I inspire someone to try something new, is success.

Thank YOU, Shannon, for inspiring all of us to create something Spring like (and LINK it up at 3 Girl JAM Challenges.  What a GORGEOUS lay-out!  So glad you are obsessed with mists!!

Craftily yours,



  1. Yeah, our Shannon has a way with LO's alright! Thus is fantastic! Love the mist, twine, and pleated ribbon. And your daughter is adorable.

  2. Thanks again, Shannon, for sharing this fabulous lay-out with us!

  3. Beautiful layout, Shannon! I love the twine and fun design you put together. Hope your weekend was lovely!

  4. Great design and layout! Fabulous hues of blues! Lovely job Shannon!

  5. FAB layout Shannon...love the mixed media feel to this has. Great job :)