Jan 24, 2012

Pink and Orange

Hi!!  (from Julie)
Yesterday I was sitting in my craft room and wanted to make a card but had no idea what to do.  I started looking through my Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge (which is Awesome btw!) but still had no ideas.  I saw alot of cute cuts and decided to just cut a few out.  Since I didn't want to waste any of my "pretty paper" I just used plain cream colored cardstock.
When I was done "playing"  I decided to practice my inking- because I still had no ideas forming in my head!
Once everything was inked, I looked over at my pile of pieces and "magically" they were arranged perfectly!  
I inked another piece of cardstock for a background, cut and embossed a piece of Kraft Cardstock, stamped a Pink By Design sentiment, added some 3 Girl JAM ribbon and buttons, and look what happened!!

Sometimes I make prettier things when I don't have a "plan"!  LOL!!

Ribbon used:  Baby Girl and Harvest Orange

Don't forget:  
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  1. Julie, I think your card is amazing. We must have been riding the same brain wave today...cuz I made an orange and pink card, too! LOL! I just can't share it yet because it is for my first DT post with OSAAT! Excellent how the "non-planned" cards turn out!

  2. This is beautiful Julie!! I love the color combo and of course love your ribbon!

  3. Love the card and I love that you put the pink and orange together.

  4. This looks great! Nice how it all came together!

  5. You are so creative! Your brain can imagin anything you just don't know it... but your mind does. It's like a creative memory chip you have been adding to for years, just have to go for it and great things will happen! Just like your awesome card! Love you Sister!

  6. So pretty! Well done.


  7. I LOVE the colors on this LO of yours...hehe! It is gorgeous!

  8. very pretty! I also followed your facebook under angelonfirefly :) wonderful products offered too! I'm glad I found you through Leslie's site!

  9. Hi Julie,Avery and Mackenzie!! I love the card and most of my favorite cards are one's that never have a plan!!! The color choice is awesome!! I am working on my Guest designer blurb ans should have it to you by no later than sunday!! I posted a pre-GD over on my blog so here is the link...